A look at my April goals for Simply Ramona

I remember when I first started blogging in about 2016, it was my escape and was just a little side fun. I would post a few times a month mostly focusing on beauty, skincare, and mental health. I was proud of my little space on the Internet and it was doing well. It was getting views and comments. My Twitter was getting followers and my Instagram was growing. Honestly, it was easy. It did not feel like it was hard work to get it my brand out there. Fast forward almost ten years and here I am starting over and wow oh wow has the game changed.

Some differences I have noticed

The blogging community seems to have gotten a lot smaller in a way. I have found some amazing bloggers on Twitter. In general I feel as if blogs are not as popular as they once were.

Twitter like what is that about right? I love to use it to see other bloggers and read more posts. However, sometimes it just feels like a constant cycle of the same things.

In 2016 when I had my first blog I never worried about Pinterest. I just used Pinterest to design my dream home, the dream wedding all those things. Now it has become this big platform to grow your blog on.

April goals

For April I have different aspects I want to work on. In the end, it all comes down to building my brand Simply Ramona.

My actual website

I want to change my main home page. It does not flow for me but I’m also not too sure what I want it to look like right now. When I did my research on starting a blog everyone said just start. Not to spend time trying to make it perfect. Now I want to go back and change it a little.

April goals when it comes to views

I would like to reach 1500 views on my site by the end of April. I think that it is doable and I would like to set a goal I can achieve. This way I think I will be more motivated for the following months to push myself more.

To achieve this goal I have a plan to post at least once a week. By having a consistent schedule that is once again doable will be a great motivator.

April goals for Pinterest

Still trying to figure out the whole Pinterest thing but I think I am getting there. In the last 20 days I have gotten 4.7k views so my April goal is 10 000 views. This seems easy enough to do and I’m sure once I understand Pinterest a little better it will become even easier.

I would also like to up my Pinterest following to 100 people. Following on Pinterest seems a little strange to me it is something I need to figure out just because I don’t follow much. If you are keen to help me reach my Pinterest goal here is my profile.

April goals for twitter

Twitter is another app that seems to have changed a lot and I feel like I totally don’t understand anymore. For Twitter, I would like to read 100 followers and up my engagement more. Maybe find a nice blogger community to join. Supporting other bloggers is something I really enjoy and I think through Twitter I can do that a little more. Wanna be Twitter friends? Is that even what it’s called? Here is my profile.

April goals for learning

Building my understanding of blogging and growing a brand would be a great benefit and for this reason, I have decided that every month I will do a course that relates to helping me grow. Maybe it will be Pinterest, maybe email marketing each month I will see where I need to grow more. For April I will do a course on growing my email list.

I’m excited for April and what it will bring. I look forward to working hard to grow something that is mine.

If you are reading this then thank you for helping me get one step closer to my April view goal. I appreciate you and hope your April is successful too.

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  1. Monika Gil | Head In The Write

    Girl, those are THE goals! I have my own list of goals too and I am working hard to be able to get there! Let’s get it!

  2. Jeannie

    It’s good to hear how blogging was back then vs now. I also feel as if blogs aren’t really popular now. Maybe its up to us to make it popular again. This is a great list of goals!


    1. Simply Ramona

      I hope we can make it popular again.

  3. Noel Janna

    I love how you arranged the plans. The part of setting goals which you can manage is very impressive. I guess being realistic to ourselves helps us move faster than ever. Thanks for sharing

    1. Simply Ramona

      I think being realistic will help keep me motivated. Disappointment won’t help this early on.

  4. Fransic verso

    These are great goals and I wish you the best of luck in achieving them. I have my own goals as well and working on them as well from today.

  5. Lauren

    These sound like some great goals to work towards this April. One goal I would like to achieve is scheduling work times and rest times as I am rubbish at switching off. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a great month!

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

    1. Simply Ramona

      Turning off is a big challenge. Its hard in todays world to turn off when work can access us so easily.

  6. Mecah

    I wish you the best for your April goals! I two realize that blogging ain’t as popular as before but I love it because of that.

  7. Simona

    Can’t wait to see you smash those goals Ramona – YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY DO IT!

    1. Simply Ramona

      Thank you so much for the support. I truly appreciate it

  8. Karalee

    The algorithm on Twitter has been weird lately, but there are still plenty of us blogging!
    Your April goals definitely sound doable, I hope you can achieve them! Also, I followed you on Pinterest!

    1. Simply Ramona

      Thank you so much for the support

  9. Mummy Conquering Anxiety

    I love goal setting and also reading about other people’s goals. I hope you smash it!

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