My favourite teaching resources to make life easier

As teachers, we have a lot of lesson planning to do and we want our lessons to be educational, fun, engaging, and memorable but sometimes we just do not have the time or energy to create lessons that meet all those points. I have come up with a list of my favourite teaching resources. These are the ones that have saved me hours and made my life so much easier. 


Twinkl is a one-stop find it all site. Yes, one does need to pay a little but I truly think it is worth it. Twinkl is one of my favourites teaching resources because I can find already planned lessons, ppts, worksheets, games, and posters for all ages and levels. Also one can find things for almost all themes or units. It has saved me hours of work and the quality is really great. 


One of the posters I made using Canva

I love to use canva to make posters, worksheets and certificates. I use the free version and find there are more than enough templates.


I like youtube to find songs and videos for my science classes. There are so many options out there and the kids really love watching a short video during a lesson.


Of course Pinterest, it is my go to for finding craft and art projects. I also love to get inspiration from Pinterest on how to decorate my class for themes. One can also find lots of freebies on Pinterest.

Why re-event the wheel when there is a good one out there already? Finding good resources can save you time and let you spend that extra time focusing on your class. I use these resources daily in my planning for being an ESL teaching in China. Keen to read more about being an ESL teacher in China. Check out my post on it here.

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  1. Kristen Osborne

    I love twinkl and pinterest. I am a homeschool mom of one daughter. But, I cannot imagine having to do this for multiple students. I admire the strength and determination of teachers these days. Thank you for everything you do for the children.

    1. Simply Ramona

      Thank you for such a kind message. It has made my day

  2. Ashley

    I never would have thought of using Canva as a teaching resource. What a great idea. I love Twinkl resources, they’re wonderful. This is a great list xxx

  3. Lanae Bond

    Pinterest and Canva are more favorite tools for blogging.

    1. Simply Ramona

      They are great tools for blogging. They save one a lot of time

  4. Jackie Em

    I live by Pinterest for all my inspiration! I am still trying to work my way around Canva though, I definitely want to spend some more time on it.

  5. Molly | Transatlantic Notes

    When I was a teacher it was always fun to make resources for my classroom and lessons; I wish I had Canva back then as it would have made everything so much easier, including making all my interactive whiteboard resources! Fab post — thanks for sharing!

    1. Simply Ramona

      Thank you for checking it out

  6. jenny

    I don’t use any of these for teaching or learning but I love Pinterest and Canva – they have so many amazing uses!

    1. Simply Ramona

      They are great resources for many things, I totally agree

  7. Lauren

    These are some great suggestions. Canva is so helpful for so many things. Thank you for sharing!


  8. Karalee

    I regularly use Canva and Pinterest for blogging, but I didn’t realize they could be useful for teaching too! I haven’t heard of Twinkl, but it does sound like a great resource for teachers

    1. Simply Ramona

      Canva is one of those all-round useful tools.

  9. Charity

    These are definitely all such great resources that make life easier! Thanks so much for sharing your list! I absolutely love Canva too!

  10. Ali Duke

    I have heard of twinkl, but as I am not a teacher I have not used it. Canva Is great for creating learning resources.

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