A trip to the Great Wall of China

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Did you know that the Great Wall of China is 21196.18 km in length and it took over 2000 years to construct? It is amazing to think that something so grand was made without the use of any technology.

Where to go in China to see the Great Wall

Personally, I prefer to visit the Mutianyu Great Wall Scenic Area which is about a two to three-hour drive from Beijing. I find this to be a more nature-centred part of the wall. You can also go to the Badaling section of the Great Wall which I think is more popular for tourists. Here is a link to a ticket for a tour.

What can one actually do at the Great Wall

The obvious answer would be to climb the Great Wall. However, there are other things one could do when visiting the Great Wall. There are little villages close by one could have lunch at the Mutianyu section there is a dam that one can ride boats on or play in the water. There is a large area to cover and many steps to climb so you won’t run out of places to walk. There is also a cable car one can take which is a rather fun adventure.

How to get to there

Getting to the Great Wall is easier than you think. You can get a taxi, take a train or even a bus. I have taken the train once and it is about a 30-minute trip from Beijing. Taking a taxi is a lot longer, I once rented a private car with some friends as this made it a lot cheaper and it was about a 2 hour trip. What was nice about doing it this way is that the driver waits for you and then you can leave when you are ready.

Making it a weekend trip

There is a little town called Gubei water town which is a lovely little place to stay by the Great Wall. At night the city really comes to life and there are some cute little hotels to stay at. It is a nice place to spend the weekend. Here a few options for you to check out.

A budget friendly hotel and something that would be more of a special weekend treat.

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