Guide to using trip to save money when traveling

I love using to plan my holidays, book my holidays and of course to save money when traveling. If you want to read more on how I use to plan my trips check this post here.

In this post I am going to explain how you can use trip to save money and get discounts. It might seem like it is a lot of work but trust me it is worth it.

How to use trip to get discounts

Did you know that you can get coins on which you can save up and then spend to get free trips or discounts? It’s awesome and so worth the little extra effort for the amount you can save. You can also move up the member tier group to get discounts. It is a lot like having a social media page but getting rewards can be a lot easier. This is my page where you can see how many followers I have, how many people I follow and my posts.

How to get coins

How can you build up coins to get that free trip? There are a few ways to get coins. To start there is the simple way which involves liking three posts a day, sharing posts, and following people. This will get the minimum points and takes the lowest amount of effort. Instead of spending 30 minutes likes on Instagram why not like on and get some coins?

Booking flights to get coins

Another super easy way to get coins is to book through When you book a hotel or flight you get coins after the flight or hotel stay. This is a great way to get a larger amount of coins in one go.

Writing reviews to get coins

Now to get more coins you can write reviews about places you have gone. When writing a review you can add photos to get more coins. This does not take long and there are many places to review. All you need to do is go to the attraction you went to click write a review and then write away. Once you post and it gets reviewed you can collect a nice ten coins.

Writing posts to get coins

Another method to get more coins is to write posts. This however does take a little more time. You can post about where you have gone and if thinks it was a great post you can get more and more coins. If you post 5 featured posts in one month you get 500 coins. Then you get different levels. As you rise up the levels you can get more coins. For example, I am currently on level 7, so if I post 40 high-quality posts I can get 1000 coins and then move to level 8. Posting that much can be a lot of work but I see it as being worth it to save money when traveling.

How do the levels work

Each level has little tasks to achieve to move up. As you move up you can get more rewards and more recognition. The goal would be to reach Travel Guru as you can see there are many great benefits. Getting there however, can take a little bit of work. Posting 800 high-quality posts can take a lot of work. I hope one day I will get there.

It might seem like a lot but I highly recommend checking out It has saved me lots and is a little fun actually. If you want to see how I use top.cim check out my post here.

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