What is life like in China today?

As most of the world is aware China has slowly come to the end of its zero covid policy. It took three years but it’s finally ended and we can breathe a sigh of relief. No more daily covid tests, no more QR codes to scan every time you go somewhere and everything is finally back open. It has been a long and hard three years of stop going but now that is it coming to end what is life like in China today?

As a foreigner in China, there are already many challenges to face but due to the end of covid rules, things are getting a little easier. We can travel again freely without having to quarantine which is probably the biggest thing for everyone. Many of us haven’t seen our families in four years. The costs of flights are still crazy but we are getting there slowly

Making friends 

Currently, there are not many foreigners in China as most left during covid or before covid and then could not get back to China. Also many left recently as they were just tired of the Covid rules and wanted to move on with life. Due to the small number of foreigners left it is currently rather challenging to make friends. I do believe that this will improve as more people can come back and can start applying for work visas again.

Getting around 

Getting around was never really that hard just a little tedious due to codes and sometimes Didi drivers didn’t want to take the foreigners. However in the past few weeks, it has become a lot easier, we hardly even where masks now when we take a didi. However, the major downside is traffic is back to pre covid times so getting a didi can take longer and traffic can really slow down a trip. 


There are more and more things happening each week. Just recently I went to a rather questionable comedy night and an open mic night. Every week I see more and more posters for things around town that one can do. Malls and entrainment zones are also back open and fully operational. Also, day trips are back in full swing now that there is no need for covid tests to do group activities. I only see the number of things to do increasing as time goes by. 


One of the most important parts of the day …..eating. Restaurants are back to normal hours and can take full capacity. No more codes, no more closing at 10 pm its all back to normal and it’s been fantastic. 

One does need to remember that during covid time with all the lockdowns many places have had to close for good. I’m sure more new places will open up as time goes. 


After almost four years of no traveling or travel being difficult things have finally opened up. Traveling around china has become a lot easier and there are many more options. The trains work very well and flights can be cheap. One thing to always take into consideration is some smaller hotels don’t always take foreigners. This is because foreigners have to register everywhere they stay and go and some hotels don’t want to the paper work. It is always best to check before hand if the hotel will accept foreigners. 

I always use trip to book my flights, trains and hotels so far it has worked very well. 

So in conclusion what is life in China like today?

It is forever changing. Some days things seem to be moving in a positive direction and then other days seem to be going backwards. But that is life and we just have to make the best if it.

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