New years weekend in Shanghai

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Shanghai is the most populated city in China with over 28 million people currently living there. It also has the tallest building in China as well as the worlds fastest train. Sounding like a pretty modern place to go, right? However, I adore Shanghai for its old European style buildings and its more western culture. Anyone who visits Shanghai understands that different vibe that almost feels like one has left China. I have been to Shanghai twice in my four years in China and I would go back again tomorrow happily. 

For new years we decided to pop down to Shanghai as travel restrictions were lifted and we were tired of Beijing. Getting to Shanghai is actually really easy. We took the high speed train which is cheaper but also provides a nice view while traveling. The train ride was just under 5 hours where as a plan trip would be under 2 hours. If you not in a rush than take the train its worth it for the views of the country side. 

Upon arriving in Shanghai we got a taxi and headed to the hotel. After a quick change we walked down the street to a close by Chinese restaurant where we had lunch. Another great things about Shanghai is the Chinese food is a lot cheaper than Beijing and the quantity is often a lot more. 

Later that afternoon we decided to get some ride share bikes and go for a ride along the river. The weather was lovely and the streets were quiet making it the perfect day for a ride. Along there river there are jogging lanes and biking lanes which makes it a smooth ride. My favourite part of riding around Shanghai was the feeling of calm and peace. Its hard to explain if you haven’t experienced it yourself. Shanghai does not have that looming political pressure that Beijing has, everyone seems calmer and life felt simpler when in Shanghai. 

That night we headed to the Bund for new years celebrations. The Bund is one of the most popular attractions in Shanghai as on one side of the river there is the old Shanghai and on the other side the new. Its a lovely place to walk around but on new years eve it was a whole different story. After three years of no crowds and minimum people it was a complete shock to see hundreds of people out and about. The army was out to control the crowds and the streets were very literally a sea of people. 

We ended up walking in the new year from a roof top club with a view of the bund. It was a the perfect stop to watch the fireworks and get excited for hopefully a better year. 

On new years day we went exploring around the city but found many places to be abandoned. Seeing the after affects of Covid was sad, many buildings where empty and boarded up. A large amount of the streets a ghost town now. I wonder what happened to all those people that once called those places home. 

We went to the Yu garden which is another must when in Shanghai. They had a light display for the upcoming Chinese new year which was fantastic. The Yu Garden also has a lot of old Chinese style buildings which are well maintained. One does not need much time here but its a nice place to stop by at. 

That evening we took the cruise ship on the Bund which is a must. Getting to see the city from the river was different and worth the money. The boat takes you up and down the river showing you both the old side of Shanghai as well as the new side. We got dinner from the German market and then had cocktails at one of the best restraints with a view of the (tower). Wanna get your own tickets you can look here through Expedia.

On our last day we explored a the streets of a little art area. Most of the shops were closed but the art on the walls was fun and the details of each shop to make it unique were nice to look at. 

If you are ever in China I would highly recommend checking our Shanghai for a weekend.

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  1. Molly | Transatlantic Notes

    It seems like there is so much to experience here; I would definitely enjoy spending quite a bit of time exploring all that there is to offer. Great post; it’s got me feeling the travel bug!

    1. Simply Ramona

      It’s a lovely place to check out.

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